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The health of our liver and digestive system is paramount to the rest of our health. They are constantly working to absorb nutrients, filter out toxins, and repair and build tissues. The body is incredibly capable of doing all this on its own, that’s what it was designed for. But, often we make it work much harder than it should.


The foods that we take in, alcohol among other substances, and the quality of stimulus we take in through the other senses (eyes, ears, touch, smell) contribute to toxin build up in the body that manifests itself as Ama (toxic residue) in our tissues but also in our mind. In order to support our bodies ability to naturally heal itself, detoxing of some kind is one of the best things we can do for it. In Ayurveda one of the main forms of detox means eating foods that have naturally occurring properties designed for eliminating toxins. A detox in Ayurveda will depend on the needs of each individual and the nature of the disease or discomfort, but in general, it means eating a specific Ayurvedic diet plan that will support your liver and digestive system. To ‘reset’ your digestion back to its optimal state of functioning. This can also require lifestyle changes. If we simply started taking supplements or herbs that are meant to detox us but keep taking in the substances or foods that are stressing these organs in the first place, then really we are just giving a crutch to our choices that are not serving the best interests of our health.


It’s important to note that anything can be Ayurvedic, depending on how you use it. We abuse food and other substances and don’t often use them as medicine. If we switch our intention and awareness around why we choose certain foods, then the nourishment that we get from these things greatly enhances. Ayurveda says it’s more important how you eat then what you eat. That’s different, isn’t it? The point being that if you eat the most organic foods you can find, but eat them in a distracted or chaotic environment while arguing with someone or listening to the news, the amount of nutrients that you will actually extract from that meal is much less than if you were to eat a cheeseburger made with love, surrounded by a calm environment while feeling peaceful.



*Keep in mind that it is always important to consider what is best for your personal constitution. Everyone needs different foods, and no single thing is appropriate for everyone. The subject of eating meat is delicate and all preferences are respected. We only wish to educate you on your nature and the nature of the foods you take in, and how those two interact. Ayurveda will always go off of what is best for your personal constitution and the state of your health and digestion. A Yogic diet and an Ayurvedic diet will also differ from each other. This is another topic deserving of its own category, but I am happy to go into more detail if you inquire.


Mood Stabilizing

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Many techniques of Ayurveda and Yoga and unparrelled in their capacity to stabilize and strengthen the mind. Of these, meditation is one of the strongest. There are many types of meditation. In ParaYoga, we utilize tantric meditations (more about this in the ParaYoga section). Many of you already know the ability to meditate seems elusive. The mind wanders, the body aches, and then we throw in the towel. It is a slow process that requires patience and curiosity. This process is best overseen by a teacher who can assist you with the ever evolving character of your meditation practice and the challenges that will arise. When one learns to meditate, you come to find that each challenge that comes up for you while meditating is an opportunity. It is a window to explore what is behind the thought. What is behind the ache or the resistance? This is part of the process and all the things that you may have found that seem to tell you that you can’t meditate, are actually relevant and perfect for your personal growth.


The benefits of a meditation practice are vast, but the immediate benefits are being less reactive to your environment and curve balls that come out of nowhere. Steadiness, confidence in who you are and clarity of mind are some of the most tangible results. Studies have shown an increase in the grey matter -(unmyelinated neurons of the central nervous system involved in muscle control, sensory perception such as seeing, hearing, memory, emotions, self control and decision making) -of the brain with consistent meditation practice.


Meditation is a large topic that we explore in depth in our private yoga sessions and Ayurvedic consultations. Aside from meditation, Ayurvedic techniques such as Abhyanga (self-massage with special oils), Pratyahara (withdrawl of the senses), and Dinacharya (daily routine) are some of the methods used that create stability and vibrancy in the mind. These techniques are gradually implemented and overseen in your treatment plan.



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One of the most popular benefits of Yoga is its ability to improve your mobility, reflexes and dexterity. This goes beyond being able to touch your toes. No, you don’t need to be able to touch your toes to practice Yoga. There are many, many ways to practice yoga, no matter your physical ability. In fact, the term 'asana' which we refer to as the poses we do in a Yoga class, actually means 'seat'. But how many of us can actually sit on the floor comfortably? We build our capacity to sit in 'asana' through various movements that open the body and the flow of our breath, thus enabling us to sit comfortably for a meditation sadhana (practice). Yoga at its core is meditation; self reflection and self realization. The asana aspect of Yoga helps us build our capacity for self realization or smrana (remembrance of our true nature) by first connecting us to our breath, then building body awareness, stability and strength. 


 Chair Yoga and using props such as blocks, straps, using a wall, and your bed are examples of how to open up the accessibility of Yoga to everyone. Yoga is not all about handstands and grandiose poses. The benefit of doing small, isolated movements in the joints and smaller groups of muscles greatly enhances your ability to function in day to day life. Whether that is getting in and out of your car, getting up off the ground, climbing mountains, maneuvering around the kitchen or garden, lifting weights at the gym, balance, coordination, reflexes, overall endurance, nervous system stability, etc. You will see the benefits of a physical Yoga practice designed for you in all aspects of your life that requires movement.



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You may or may not already know that within the physical body, digestion is the single most important factor for radiant health. This is because the quality of a person’s digestion is directly related to the body’s ability to build healthy tissues. When digestion is poor, the body produces a toxic residue known in Ayurveda as ama. Ama has a significant role in the disease process. One of the goals in Ayurvedic treatment is to restore your digestion to optimal working condition. This will begin to reduce ama and start the reversal of the disease.


Something to note here is that disease is a disorder of both the structure and function of the human body. Example- ‘Spinal nerves in the lower back carry neurons of the autonomic nervous system that maintain vital involuntary processes of the urinary, endocrine, and reproductive system.’ ‘-Nerve fibers that extend from the spinal column extend to the organs of the abdomen and pelvis to control their function.’ This is just one example of how digestion affects the rest of our physical body and the tissues that make it up.




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Sleep is another one of the main pillars for good health. If our sleep is compromised, the rest of our health suffers. Our food choices and daily activity choices will often not be as healthy than if we had sufficient sleep. Not to mention sleep is the bodies time to detox and heal from the day's activities and from all the substances that it took in through all the senses, not just food. Ayurveda teaches its students a variety of techniques to create and support healthy sleep hygiene. Bedtime routine, essential oils, abhyanga, and meditations to name a few. With support from Bonnie, you will learn to create and sustain your sleep rhythms in a harmonious way that emphasizes your bodies natural ability to heal itself.


Relieve Stress

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Antioxidants are a big trend lately. There is a huge market for antioxidant-rich foods and beauty products that combat the effects of stress on the body and mind. This avoids the real issue though, which is why we are experiencing so much stress in the first place, which is our lifestyles. Most of us live in a society that praises us when we work ourselves until we are sick, and guilt’s us when we take a break to take care of ourselves. This ‘on demand’ and go go go lifestyle is wreaking havoc on our nervous systems, and accelerating the rate at which free radicals are infiltrating and deteriorating our cells.


Free radicals are linked to many diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. Instead of using products that cover up the effects of our stressful lives, we should be shifting our attention to how our lifestyles themselves are contributing to disease. Ayurveda’s foundations lie with balancing out our lifestyles and our approach to daily activities. Before our lifestyles are conducive to the healing process, none of the techniques we implement will have their fullest potential to make a change. Revisiting your order of priorities will slowly begin to bring harmony, health, and stability back into your life.


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Disease Prevention 

Relationships are the third pillar for optimal health. When our relationships are healthy and nourishing, we see the effects in our overall health and happiness. This is true for all relationships- intimate, work, and interpersonal. Likewise, when our relationships are lacking or disharmonious, we see the effects. One example that demonstrates this, is the acceleration of physical and mental health declining in the elderly when they are left alone. Studies show that when we feel nourished and supported in our relationships, the rate at which we get sick goes down considerably.


When we are surrounded by healthy relationships our mental and physical sickness susceptibility reduces greatly. Using the principals of Ayurveda, we address what needs in your relationships are not being met, and how to cultivate harmonious relationships. Many of the other methods used in an Ayurvedic treatment plan contribute to the overall ability to create healthy relationships. Discernment, articulation, boundaries, healthy self-expression and confidence are qualities that gradually emerge along the journey of an Ayurvedic treatment plan.  Depending on the situation and the needs of the client, this can mean being referred to marriage or personal counselors that your practitioner can recommend.

Green Goodness

We have direct influence over the quality and longevity of our health- both physical and mental. Everything we take in through the senses- all sensory input has a physiological affect on our nervous system and imprint on our energy. What we do most of the time and how we do it will determine our susceptibility to disease, and the degree to which we experience disease. Disease prevention starts first and foremost with food.

'When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.'

What this is saying is that even if we have all of the right medicines, be they Western or Eastern medicines, if we continue to participate in the diet and lifestyle choices that contributed to our state of disease or dysfunction, we are working against ourselves. 

In most cultures it is not taught to use food as medicine. But food is just that- it is medicine, if we choose to use it as such. Food can also be poison, and that is the most common use of food unfortunately. Through an Ayurvedic program guided by Bonnie you will come to understand what foods are medicine to you specifically, and what other lifestyle practices will further prevent your unique tendency for disease.